08 January 2010

Feline Friday: Laws of Physics

Daughter has been working on a "physics in everyday life" project this week. She asked Lily and Tinsel to illustrate a couple of laws of physics. Together, they demonstrated Newton's First Law in way not likely seen in physics textbooks:

A body at rest remains at rest ...

...unless acted on by an outside force!

Tinsel leaves after Lily exerts a force on her

that sets her into motion.

As you can see, Tinsel and Lily did a nice job illustrating this important law of physics. They've obviously had a LOT of practice! :-)


Sharon W said...

Give each of the kitties an A+.

Janet said...

Why, thank you! We're hoping for a good grade!

Maureen said...

Ha! I could never get the hang of physics; obviously it was due to my lack of cats at the time.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Sugar and Nimue have been leaning on their shovels - I didn't know house cats were supposed to help with the homework!!! I'm going to have to get on those guys!!!!!!

Very cute post!