03 January 2010

Double Cat Saturday Night!

Every evening, I have one cat or the other on my lap. Sometimes, there is a little bit of competition between the cats for lap space. Lily has been known to slap Tinsel as she approaches, then jump on my lap. Tinsel growls at Lily menacingly if she tries to steal my lap.

But something very unusual happened last night...it was a rare Double Cat Night! Lily had been sleeping on my lap for a good 30 minutes (notice her little head in my hand!) when Tinsel approached. But instead of storming off in anger, Tinsel jumped up and found a comfortable position on my legs. I can think of only one other occasion when I've had both cats on my lap at the same time.

What a treat! *sigh* Sock monkey jammies, my blankie, and two cats...It's the little things that make me happy.


Heather said...

Life is good! :)

Fonda said...

The stars must have aligned just right! You all look very cozy on a ccccold Iowa night.

Maureen said...

That looks the comfiest ever!

Happy New Year!

Janet said...

'twas a PURRFECT evening!

Happy New Year to each of you!

Kristina said...

Double cat night IS rare! Triple and Quadruple are every rarer...lol...since it's been so cold, Kirby has decided to sleep in between Fred and I in bed under the covers. He's so sweet and cuddly!