21 January 2010

Ice Storm

I love a good ice storm.

I know that ice is not good for power lines or trees, but I think it can be beautiful. It turns ordinary branches into glistening jewels!

This small tree at the corner of our house took on more than its share of ice in yesterday's storm.

On some branches, the ice was nearly an inch thick!

My thought is this: We can't control winter, so we might as well try to see the beauty in it. And this winter, we've certainly had ample opportunity to do just that!


Heather said...

They are really pretty!

Benita said...

Gorgeous pictures. I love the look of ice too, but sadly, it can be very dangerous. Stay safe!

denali said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I like that you are determined to see the good side of everything. It's one of the reasons I visit here (besides Tinsel & Lily, of course!) :)