01 January 2010

Feline Friday

In da MEW year, wee resolze to:
1) eet less
2) plai mor
3) luv eech ozer

Rilly an trooly. At leest until Januarie 2, okai?


Maureen said...

Aw.... Happy Mew Year to you two too! Meows from Tawnee, Dakotah and Sheba...

(Oh yeah, and HNY to you Janet and your family from ours) ;)

Debbie said...

good resolutions! happy new year.

Janet said...

Thanks, Maureen! Hope that 2010 is a great one for you!

Happy New Year, Debbie! These 2 kitties are not off to a good start with their resolutions, and it's still morning! lol

Fonda said...

Happy New Year Janet!

Sharon W said...

Happy New Year to you, Janet to you and your family and your two kitties. May it be a very good year!