18 January 2010

Closet Dis-Organization

There is one particular closet at our house which, if left open, is IMMEDIATELY detected by Tinsel. In through the cracked door she sneaks, then up onto the shelves she climbs. This particular closet houses a lot of IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS (i.e., junk), and she cannot resist checking it out.

Recently, I heard a familiar noise and peeked into the closet to find her perched on top of a pile of sheet protectors and empty binders. (Of our two cats, she's the intellectual, you know!)

"SCRITCH! SCRITCH!" she dug at the plastic sleeves.

Frantically she worked, trying to move them out of her way, but completely forgetting that...

OOPS! Those sheet protectors are pretty slippery! And down she went, sheet protectors and binders close on her heels.

Of course, no harm came to Tinsel. She scampered off to an afternoon nap, leaving the closet in even more disarray than she had found it.


Maureen said...

Ha! Now that was great... especially as it was caught "live!".

Cheri said...

LOL! Your cats should really have their own reality show Janet...it might even be the first reality show I actually watch:)

denali said...

I'm with Cheri - a kitty reality show might stand a chance with me where no others do. Cats are far better behaved, even when misbehaving ;)