29 January 2010

Feline Friday: Private Dining

At fancy restaurants, VIP guests may be treated to a secluded spot for dinner, commonly referred to as Private Dining.

At our house, Private Dining is offered out of necessity...to keep Lily from eating Tinsel's food! Either Tinsel or Lily may enjoy Private Dining on our basement steps. :-)

Here is Lily enjoying her dinner. Not chewing a bit, mind you, but swallowing it whole.

Hey! Can't a girl get a refill around here?

Apparently this "fancy" restaurant is actually a self-service joint!


Maureen said...

Ha! Oh that second photo is priceless!!!!

Yes, all three of our cats must have their bowls in "their spots". Then I move them all up to the kitchen table so the dog doesn't inhale what's left. It's quite a production...

Sarah C. said...

So cute!! :)

Fonda said...

Love those ears! Great shots.

Daisy said...

Surprisingly enough, the one area where Harley has good manners is dinnertime. He gobbles his, but then he sits patiently behind me to see if I leave anything behind. He never tries to eat from my plate until I finish.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

It's funny but it never occurred to me to give my cats food out of two separate bowls. But now they have private dining because my mom & dad are visiting with their dog.

VERY funny photos!