08 July 2009

One of my favorite places!

Today I'm posting a few pictures of one of my favorite places, Memory Bound! I spend a lot of time there planning and preparing projects for classes and store displays. As anyone around here will tell you, Memory Bound is not only a great store but a very happy place!

Here are just a few of the very wonderful people who work there: Jean, Katie, and Diane. :-)

This is a shot of the "seasonal" area of the store. Right now, it's set up for summer and Independence Day.

Plenty of ribbon, in rainbow color order, of course!

And my favorite area of the store...cardstock!

If you're ever traveling through central Iowa, be sure to stop by!


Connie said...

I sure do miss MB. It's a great store with great staff! *sniff sniff*

Heather said...

I have not been there before and I think it will have to be a stop on our next trip to Kansas!

Janet said...

Heather, seriously, if you are ever planning to stop by MB, LMK and I will stop in to meet you! :-)

Maureen said...

Holy freeholies, I sure could spend a few hours roaming around there (not to mention all the MONEY I would spend too!)

Kristina said...

Why yes, yes that store has taken quite a bit of my money....lol

Great photos!

Sharon said...

I have helped MB to pay the rent many months. lol

Sarah C. said...

What a great store! Wish we still had a LSS. After A's came to town, the little shops all closed their doors.