30 July 2009

College Visits

With our daughter headed into her senior year (how did THAT possibly happen?), we've been looking into colleges. She's interested in percussion/music education, so our search targeted some of the best percussion programs in the central states.

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This month, we visited University of North Texas, Texas Christian University, and Southern Methodist University, all in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. She also attended a one-week percussion academy at Indiana University in Bloomington. In addition, we toured Drake University in Des Moines, where she currently takes lessons. Each school requires an audition for placement into the percussion program, so this is only the beginning of a long process.

One interesting side note is that all three Texas schools have big rock climbing walls in their student recreation areas. And we heard that there was a bit of friendly Texas competition as to which school could build the tallest one (UNT). On another note, I think the award for the cutest mascot has to go to the Texas Christian Horned Frog. If you click on the collage, you'll see the rock walls, the horned frog, and a few other highlights of our visits!

Big opportunities, big choices lie ahead. I'm completely excited about what the future holds for her!


KarenSue said...

how fun! I remember those days.

toners said...

Oh, what an exciting time!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Wow! I guess those are around Dallas & that's why you were down this way? How great about the percussion - I remember you posting that video awhile back of her playing...what instrument was it? She was great, whatever it was. Good luck!!!!

denali said...

You were here last week?! In Fort Worth?! At TCU?! Oh, WOW! I was in Iowa the week before and I'm just now getting caught up on my blog reading. I can't believe you were here in town and I didn't even know it, much less get to say hello! :)

Good luck on the college decision - I know it's not easy. But I have perfect faith you'll find just the right place for Bailey and that she'll enjoy a successful college career (and supply you with plenty o' pictures :D )

Cheri said...

Best of luck to your Daughter no matter which school she chooses!