04 July 2009

Layout: Let's Dance!

According to my calculations, I made 22 layouts during the month of June. That has to be some kind of record for me! If I'm going to meet my scrapbooking goals before our daughter's graduation next May, I'm going to have to make that kind of productivity a regular thing!

In an attempt to jump start my personal scrapbooking, I've been taking an online class (Got Sketch 104) with a couple of friends. The layout below is based on one of the sketches from that class.

This is one of many, many show choir pages I've made recently. These photos were taken at the open rehearsal prior to the start of the season. The kids all wore "boy" and "girl" shirts to each practice. Look closely at the pics and you'll see a couple of "man" shirts worn by boys who thought that was a more appropriate label. :-)

Ki fans: Note the judicious use of some older Ki paper! Not to worry...still plenty left!


Sharon said...

Very nice LO, Janet. Love the KI. Goes well with the shirts!

Linda said...

The shirts are cute. I noticed the classic KI too. I still have some scraps I am still holding on to.

Sarah C. said...

What fun pictures and papers! I noticed the "man" label and was looking for "woman" in there somewhere. LOL Way to go on the scrapping productivity! :)