22 July 2009

Layout: Remedy Drive concert

Here's a layout about the Remedy Drive concert my daughter attended last fall. Remedy Drive is a contemporary rock band that played at our church last fall.

I am happy that she took a camera along to the concert. You can tell that she's the daughter of a scrapbooker, because she took a picture of the screen with the band's name, plus a variety of distance and close photos. *sigh* I must be raising her right! Because of the lighting, the pictures aren't super but by cutting them down, they work as a whole and don't look bad at all.

You can see the blank area is ready for her journaling. She's out of town for the week and when she gets home, she'll be happy to see that I have a stack of layouts ready for her stories!


Kristina said...

She did GOOD with the photos! Cute pages.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

She's your gal alright! Now mine will grow up taking the photos but never getting them developed or doing the layouts...