19 July 2009

Layout: Coldplay

All layouts are inspected by Lily for quality control purposes ;-)

I've been working on a few of my daughter's layouts so decided to take a break and put together one for for me. I don't usually make pages for concerts, but I had a few cell phone pictures and an article from the newspaper, so I knew this Coldplay layout would go together very quickly.

Even though the cell phone pics are pretty bad, they don't look all that bad when grouped in a collage! For the opposite page, I wrote some quick journaling, formatted the online article and photos I had saved, then printed it all together on a sheet of photo paper. Super easy!


Lida said...

Very cool layout, and how nice to have some feline quality control!!

KarenSue said...

online, the pics look great!
I'd never guess they were from a cell phone

and your qc inspector is adorable!

Deanna said...

So how do you get kitty to NOT lay on the layout. That's what my cats think they're supposed to do...