10 February 2009

Honor Choir Performance

Over the past couple of days, our daughter participated in an honor choir event at Iowa State University. The choir was comprised of approximately 105 high school students from across Iowa who auditioned in November. It was a great opportunity to work with an accomplished director and musicians from other schools.

Last evening, we had the pleasure of attending the group's concert. It was a fine performance by a group of outstanding young vocal students. For their final selection, the group performed the very challenging spiritual "The Battle of Jericho". Our daughter had sung this piece previously and it's one of our favorites.

If you have a moment, I hope you'll take a few minutes to listen to this great performance!


Sharon said...

Wow!! That was fantastic. I'm glad that you shared it. Now, is Bailey visible? I couldn't find her. Tell her she did a great job. I love these honor choirs and bands. These young people are so talented.

Linda said...

They sound fantastic!

denali said...

Wow, that was beautiful!

Kristina said...

They sound great, Janet! TFS!