28 November 2007

Next Stop: Dining Room

If you've been following our re-decorating adventures, you may recall that we have been working our way through our pink/floral lower level room by room. We started with the relatively benign laundry room, worked our way through the kitchen, spent eight months working on the half-bath, and now we're in the dining room. (After this room, "only" the two-story entryway remains. That task looms larger than life, as the entryway is completely covered with pink floral wallpaper. One day I'll show you a picture and you'll see why it's daunting.)

Right now, the dining room is a complete mess, but we are making some progress. We replaced the ghastly "What Was I Thinking?" border with a much more neutral one and we've covered the burgundy portion of the walls with a deep green (it's not as bright as it appears in these photos). Spouse is now in the midst of painting the top portion of the dining room a very light green. The light and dark greens in the dining room coordinate with the olive green in the kitchen and the gold in our Pirates of the Caribbean bathroom.

As I've said before, these particular shades of green are not for the faint of heart. But the reality is that they look a whole lot better than the previous color scheme. Our table and china cabinet no longer blend into the walls. The tone of the woodwork doesn't clash with the paint. At first I was worried about the green, but now that more is painted, I love it.

And here is a very funny note: The single photo above is the back of our china cabinet. We bought it several years ago from an older neighbor. We had the entire china cabinet stripped of paint because she told us it was constructed of mahogany. Guess what color it was painted before we stripped it?

Olive green. Almost the exact shade we're painting the dining room, as evidenced by the bit of paint we saved on the back of the cabinet.

I don't think Spouse sees the humor in this.


Maureen said...

Irony... gotta love it.

Love the green too... it's the color of alot of our home.

You've been so busy!

(Oh, and BTW, got me the SB advent calendar yesterday, you enabler, you! -- AND a box of Bliss bars.)

jp said...

Maureen - Awesome!! You MUST post a pic if you alter your calendar! And don't eat all of those Bliss bars in one day... :-)

Alyssa said...

Oooo... I'm so jealous! I have the decorating bug right now. Looks like a great choice of colors.

Tina said...

Wow! Looks great - I'm hoping to do some remodeling in January!

jill said...

I love to redecorate but once you get started the what might have seemed like a small project snowballs and becomes larger than life!

It's always worth it in the end :)

Love the green!

Sarah C. said...

Looks gorgeous! Love the new color scheme. Very elegant.

Sherry said...

I love the colors. I wanted to paint the outside of our house a green color...but dh said "no" so now its a boring grey. LOL!!

toners said...

LOL...I love coincidences like that :) Beautiful color! You are on a roll!

CircesMagic said...

Love the green and the new boarder is nice.

Cheri said...

You are brave souls to redo so many rooms in one year! (Our limit seems to be one room per year; I think that fits Jeff and I well, lol...any more and we'd probably divorce!)

I'm liking what I see...the china cupboard stands out way better.