19 November 2007

It's Fruitcake Season Again

Last year, I waxed poetic about re-discovering The Fruitcake of My Childhood.

Oh, fruitcake lovers (if there are any of you out there)...let me remind you that it is now the season to order your Trappist Monk Monastery Fruitcakes. Get them here.

Pricey? Yes, but quite worth every penny. I assure you, there is NO better fruitcake than this. To quote from the website: "It will make believers out of even the most ardent fruitcake skeptics."

I'd recommend that you act on this immediately, because I will soon be placing a large order. :-)



Jill said...

That actually looks DELICIOUS!!!! The one I used to love was shaped like the state of Texas and had chocolate chips, pecans, and those fake kind of cherries I can never remember the name of...what are they? Oh wait - maraschino cherries.

Sabrina said...

Hi, it's Connies friend. Did she tell you that your blog has quite a following in TN?

Anyway, I started googling your beloved fruitcake and stumbled upon a fruitcake blog. Connnie said I must send you the link.

jp said...

Jill-I have never heard of a fruitcake in the shape of Texas. But my mom orders fruitcake from Texas every year...she swears by it. Me? I'm all about the monks. You MUST try this sometime!

Sabrina-Thanks so much for your note! I checked out that blog and read the various fruitcake reviews. It's a great resource! TFS! Janet

Anonymous said...

That fruitcake in the shape of Texas with cherries, pecans and chocolate chips is the Texas Ya-Hoo Cake. Ya-Hoo baking in Sherman, Texas still make it....