16 November 2007

Feline Friday: Everyday Lily

This week for Feline Friday, I'm celebrating Everyday Lily. With this cat, every day seems to bring something new. Or sometimes something not so new that you would have preferred not be repeated.

So here are some glimpses of what Lily did this this week.
No breakage, leaps, falls, or food spills...just little, everyday cat stuff. But it's the stuff that makes Lily special.

* Found a pin cushion and carried it to a nice, sunny spot to play. Not a good idea, Lily.

* Re-discovered the "donut" toy, with the ping pong ball in the track.

* Paused for a photo op in an old kitty basket from my childhood.

* Stole a straw from someone's drink and ran through the house with it.

Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.
(Antonio Smith)


Linda said...

She looks so cute in the basket. I love that quote too.

Sarah C. said...

Too cute! My cats love getting a hold of straws. :)


acomedianswife said...

What a sweet kitty!

toners said...

How funny are the things they choose to carry around...we used to have a cat who'd find our Blistex (chapstick) wherever it was, and carry it up on to our bed :) Have a great weekend!

Maureen said...

A Starbucks straw??? Looks like I'll need to send Lily her own supply ;)

Love the photos, as always they bring a smile to my face.

Lynn said...

Janet you sure do have your hands filled with her. She is something else that kitty.

Jill said...

LOVE the straw picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!