18 November 2007

Can this blog be scratch and sniff?

This is a totally random (for me, anyway) post...not about cats or cardstock. It's all about scents.

Today I'm posting about two scents I absolutely love, and (gee, what a surprise!) they are similar. I only like (and tolerate) certain scents. My favorites tend to be pine-related scents, but they have to be "just so"... I don't like them all.

Last winter, I discovered Williams-Sonoma Winter Forest Hand Lotion and Hand Soap. I swear...there is NO better pine scent than this. It truly evokes a walk in the woods. (I slathered it all over me this morning before church and my daughter told me that she thought she must be sitting next to a tree. I'm not sure she meant that as a compliment.) I think I'll soon be hitting the WS store and picking up a few more of whatever they carry in this scent.

Last week, I discovered another great scent, similar to the Winter Forest scent but not quite as woodsy: Yankee Candle Mediterranean Cypress. Oh, my gosh...this is such a clean, fresh scent. I have been burning this candle since I bought it.

Do you like woodsy, pine scents? If so, I highly recommend both of these! They are perfect for this time of year.

No, scratch (and sniff) that...they are perfect for all year round.


Colleen said...

Who would have guessed you could buy pine scented lotion?! Glad you found something you like!

toners said...

I love fresh scents too :) Enjoy!!

Connie said...

Oh, you must try the Holly Jolly Mistletoe scent from Bath and Body Works. It only comes in the antibacterial soaps, though - no bath gel, spray or lotion. : (

Cheri said...

The similarities between you and me have ended here, lol...pine is one of two scents I do not tolerate, freshly mown grass being the other. Allergies. Even if I'm not specifically allergic to either, they act as irritants. Nope, no real Christmas trees at my house. Bring on the lovely faux trees, baby.

My favorite holiday scent was from Bath and Body Works several years ago: Iced Cranberry. Mmmmmmm...

Heather said...

Not related to this particular post, but I love that photo you have on the right side of your blog. I believe I have one taken from that same spot! :) I LOVE Mt. Rainier! Weather permitting, I'll be seeing it in just a few short days. Yay!!!

jp said...

Connie and Cheri - I will definitely look for those scents next time I'm at Bath and Body Works!

Heather - Have fun!! I'm envious you'll soon be there...it's such a beautiful place. Maybe some day I'll move there...*sigh* :-)

Colleen - Yes, it was a surprise to find pine scented lotion! My DH and DD think it was a mistake!! ha ha

Toners - Yep, we're two of a kind!! :-) And I notice that you live in Conifer! How appropriate! :-)


Ben said...

I love the Winter Forest scent! Unfortunately it might not be coming back next winter, as Williams-Sonoma changed all their lotions. The company that created the Winter Forest scent, Caldrea, produces their own "Lavender Pine" lotion which I'm going to try.

NYCSCENT said...

LOVE BOTH THOSE SCENTS but bad news. Winter Forest goes away and Yankee has just discontinued Mediterranean Cypress. Are there any alternatives that smell like those two? They are both so awesome - dont know why they would go away