02 November 2007

Feline Friday: Lily, No!

Last night, it occurred to me that Feline Friday was fast approaching and I was suffering from a serious lack of interesting cat photos.

Enter Lily, with a brand new, albeit dangerous, trick: Walking on our upstairs railing.

It started early in the evening when I was down the hall and heard Lily meowing. When I saw her little (big) behind wiggle, signaling that she was contemplating jumping onto the railing, I could not believe that she would try such a thing. Lily is not the most graceful of cats and the railing is narrow with a full story drop below.

"Lily, NO! Don't do it!" I cried. Tinsel sat on the stairs below and meowed at Lily as if to say, "Go for it, you irritating fool! I hope you break your neck!"

But faster than I could grab her, she launched to the railing and began walking it like a tightrope. At one corner, she decided to do something fancy and nearly lost her balance but otherwise, she walked like a model on a runway. She even allowed a Feline Friday photo shoot.

Then later in the evening, when I thought she'd lost interest in the railing, I heard a very strange scrambling, scraping sort of noise. I rounded the corner and found Lily hanging by her front claws from the railing over the open stairwell. I literally caught her by one armpit (legpit?) as she began to fall. I kid you not: The rescue scene was like something out of a Lassie movie. We've got the deep claw marks in the railing to prove it.

So Happy Feline Friday to all. And thanks, Lily, for risking life and paw to provide new material.


Heather said...

Oh no! I hope Lily doesn't make this a habit!

Sarah C. said...

Ack! Glad Lily is ok. Hopefully she's had her fun and will stick to safer high spots.


Tina said...

Glad Lily is okay - we have a "active" cat. although not to that extreme :)

Here & there with {memories} said...

That is something my first cat used to do. Hope lily forget it not do again..

glad lily ok!

Laurel said...

When I first saw the pics of Lily, I thought,"That cat looks just like Tom (my geriatric kitty). He looks very much like your cat and used to do crazy things like that.

Now he's an old geezer and just mostly lays around. But despite his antics, he's managed to live to a ripe old age.

Maureen said...

Ah, she never fails to please, does she??? Glad to hear she is safe; yeah for you in rescuing her!!!

Love the photos; but if I know Lily, I'll bet she'll be back up there in no time. Better install a safety net.

Cheri said...

EEK! I'm glad she's ok, and I bet your own heart nearly stopped. SuperJanet to the rescue:) (Can you tell I just read a Super Hero book to my son at his bedtime?!)

jp said...

Hi, all -- Thankfully she hasn't been back on the railing since this episode! I hope she stays closer to the ground!

Laurel - Fun to hear that Lily has an older twin! :-)

Cheri - Yes, my heart almost stopped. It's practically a daily occurrence with Miss Lily in the house. :-)

Jill said...

I'm pretty sure Sugar used to enjoy our antics when he'd lay around the three story high drop off banister in our old place. The kids would panic and run toward him to get him off & I had to explain it was worse than jus waiting until he got bored of it or sneaking up & removing him. Then again, he never did get bored of it.

So nice of Lily to provide you with the new material!

EquineSpirit said...

Poor Lily...hope she doesn't do that again! Although I'm sure she will...they always do...LOL! Great photos too! :D

The Smart One said...

This weekend would be a great time to oil the woodwork, with special emphasis on the rails.