04 September 2012

More Craft Room/Office Updates

 Over the weekend I set about putting some stray pages (actually a one-foot stack!) back into their albums. I'm not really sure how they got out of the albums in the first place, but it's sort of a pain to put them back! Of course this involved taking albums off the shelves (mind you, this is only a PORTION of the albums I have in this house...).

As I was doing this, I noticed that the bottoms of the binders were starting to get "imprinted" with marks from the wire shelves. I knew this was happening but didn't get around to dealing with it sooner. Unfortunately some of the pages inside the albums were starting to bend, too, so I had to take care of the problem.

 I went to our local hardware store and had sheets of plexiglass cut to fit each shelf. I tried this awhile back in the closet and have been very pleased with the results, so I knew that this would be a good solution to the problem. The plexiglass will provide a flat surface for the albums, hopefully preventing further damage.

 Over the weekend, I also purchased a new desk chair! I'd been on the lookout for an old chair, or a dining room chair I could have covered to match the room, but I'd also had my eye on this green chair from World Market. After stopping at the store to look at it several times, I finally decided to go for it. The color is perfect and it has the clean, mid-century look I was hoping to find in an actual old chair.

Notice that I did not tidy up the desk for this photo! Bailey told me that the last few pictures looked TOO neat and orderly, which is not at all the way the space normally looks! 

 I have three pieces of wall art that need to be hung and a few odds and ends that still need to find homes in the space, but otherwise it is very close to done! I'm finding that I'm much, much more productive now that I have a tall table and a spot for everything. I should have taken the plunge and done this long ago!



Heather said...

I love the chair - how perfect! I have to say I'm envious of your space. One of these days maybe i can redo mine!

Judy said...

Thanks for sharing this journey of the workroom redo! It just makes me sad that I am too lazy to try to attempt the same thing at my house. My room is in such disarray right now..I dread even going in there. Maybe some day. :)