28 September 2012

Feline Friday: Lily, the Great Explorer

 The kitties recently enjoyed a long-awaited, much anticipated trip outside. Of course, they can only go out one at a time, and Lily had to wait her turn while Tinsel surveyed the back yard.

 After such a long wait, the minute Lily got outside, she could not contain her excitement! Oh, cement patio! How I love you!

 She listened intently to every sound, her tail in perfect question mark form. What's that, Mom?

Out in the yard, she imagined herself to be a Great Explorer.

Unfortunately, it's hard to be a Great Explorer when you have to walk through grass. It tickles, you know!

Squirrel on the radar:

Senior photo moment:

No worries -- our Great Explorer did not lose this fur in battle. She merely paused for a good brushing session and shed more than a little weight in fur!

After that, it was time to contemplate where her travels might lead her next.

Alas, it was back to the kitchen!

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