02 September 2012

A Few Fair Foods

Today I'm continuing with my series of photos from the Iowa State Fair. This time, it's FOOD! I really try to be a good girl at the fair and not eat much of the food, but there are a few things I have to have each year. Here are the foods I sampled during this year's fair:

1. Giant Cinnamon Roll from Buni's
 When my daughter was a little girl, she camped at the fair with my parents. At least once during the fair, she would hit the grounds early with her grandpa to get a giant cinnamon roll. They're so big that you really SHOULD share them...but who would want to do THAT?

Pecans or no pecans...the choice is yours. I opted for pecans this year. When you've already achieved that high a calorie count, what's a few more?

2. Pork Chop on a Stick
 I'm a latecomer to the pork-chop-on-a-stick party. The "stick" is actually the bone, and there's something about gnawing food off a bone that makes me feel like a cavewoman. For that reason, I don't eat ribs, chicken legs, or anything of that nature. But these pork chops are so legendary that a couple of years ago I took the plunge and tried one. I'll admit that they're quite tasty, if you can get past the bone thing.

3. Fair Square
Speaking of things on sticks, the Fair Square is a Rice Krispie bar on a stick. This year, they introduced a new variety with everything in it -- Oreos, potato chips, pretzels. Spouse bought one and thought it was yummy, but I did not care for it one bit. I'm not a fan of marshmallow creme, nor do I like to mix salty and sweet. If you like those tastes, you'd probably love it.

4. Lemonade Shake-Up
 I'm picky about my fair lemonade. I prefer the kind made with lemons and oranges, but this year I sampled lemonade from a few different stands. I concluded that not all fair lemonade is created equal. I still haven't settled on my favorite lemonade stand, so more sampling is in order!

 5. Grater Taters (also called Saratoga Chips)
There is surely nothing worse for you than these deep fried potato chips. The spiral-cut potatoes are still somewhat hooked together when they come out of the fryer, so you simply can't eat just one! Spouse always gets a plate and I have just a few.

 Once can only hope that all the walking I did during my seven days at the fair helped to neutralize the effects of this very-bad-for-you fair food. Good thing the fair only happens once a year!


Daisy said...

My mouth is watering!

Kristina said...

My favorite lemonade stand for 30 years was gone this year :( Walt's. Two teenager girls with a smoothie stand was there. Walt was getting pretty old and I hope nothing happened to him. I also love the potato chips and share with Connor every year. This year I mixed it up. I got a Ham and Cheese Cresenti sandwich rather than the Grinder I always have. Had a fabulous Smore to go made with a banana marshmallow and waffle cookies instead of graham crackers.

Connie said...

What, Janet, no deep fried beer??

Lori said...

My sister sswears that the lemonade stand by the cow barn is superior to all others. She thinks it's the water, which makes me go Hmmmmmm.....