14 September 2012

Feline Friday: Case in Point

In my craft room/office space sits a small framed English proverb: 

If you're a cat person, you surely know what this means. But if I'd somehow forgotten, I was reminded of it this week when I brought home a new ottoman for the craft space. The minute I carried it into the room, this happened:

Followed shortly by this:

 And then a fight broke out over which kitty really owns the new ottoman.
I guess I'll be keeping it -- as if there were any doubt!


Kristina said...

Cute! Tucker and Oreo fight over the wicker fruit bowl that was suppose to be for fruit that we put in the middle of the dining table. They both want to curl up in it. I've never been able to use it for it's intended purpose and it's the only spot that cats are allowed on the table.

Janet said...

Too funny, Kristina! I love cats in bowls. :)

Jennifer said...

That's cat's way to take over just anything.. wink!

Cat lover!