20 September 2012

Feline Friday: Tinsel's Outdoor Photo Shoot

 Both kitties recently enjoyed a trip to the great outdoors. They each had a good brushing while on the patio, then they had plenty of time to nose around and check out all the interesting sights around the backyard. Today I'll share a few pictures from Tinsel's outdoor photo shoot.

As soon as we got outside, Tinsel stopped to look inside at Lily and brag a little bit that SHE got to go outside first! Naturally, Lily waited patiently for her turn.

Whenever we're outside, Tinsel's sole focus outside is to eat grass and other things growing in the garden. I don't allow much of this, as it always ends badly once she's back in the house on the carpet. And look! She has something growing out of head, just like Rachel Dratch's SNL character!

  But I digress! Out in the yard, Tinsel had a couple of very nice "senior picture" moments, including this one taken right after gnawing on a tasty blade of grass...

...and this one, my favorite. Tinsel, the Wild Huntress on a Red Leash.

It was a great trip to the outdoors. Smiles all around!

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