15 July 2012

Mid-July Report

I'm not quite sure how July managed to get this busy! I've had several big classes to prepare for in recent weeks, and it's keeping me hopping. For example, I'm just putting the finishing touches on 48 kits for some Christmas card classes, as evidenced by the photo below. On Sunday (oops, that's today!) I'm off to the big trade show with one of our store owners and some of my co-workers. We're all extremely excited to be going to CHA to take classes and choose new products for our customers. I'll be on the lookout for great class ideas!

Meanwhile, progress continues in the closet of the craft room/office space. My cardstock and patterned paper (full sheets and scraps) are now in one spot (as opposed to three) which will be very convenient. I've also organized and re-labeled my photo boxes and magazine files (not shown) and moved them into the closet. I've also recycled a LOT of papers which were previously taking up closet space. I'm being very careful about what I put back in the closet AND how it looks, since the closet is now more visible from the room. I used to absolutely detest the closet, but now I like it so much that I think it will be one of my favorite parts of the room!

I'll quickly share a couple of organization tips for those of you who have the same geekish tendencies as me. I'm labeling items with a consistent font/style in an effort to visually tie things together just a bit more. The labels you see on the paper holders are similar to those that I made awhile back for my canvas bins. The drawers shown above house my patterned paper and cardstock scraps -- in rainbow color order, of course! I cut strips of black cardstock to cover the inside front of each drawer to give a neater appearance. It seriously drives me crazy to see the contents of drawers! I've had my drawers "dressed" like this for years and LOVE it.

That's all for now! Hope to post some from the trade show!


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