22 July 2012

Found on My Phone

 Going through my phone pictures earlier today, I was reminded that I need to make an effort to DO something with them! Here are a few recent ones:

 Bailey helped me finish up a mini-album project from my recent trip to CHA, the Craft and Hobby Association convention in Chicago, so that I could take it to Memory Bound as a sample to go with the new line we ordered.

I'm wading through the pile of odds and ends from my craft room/office closet and recently unearthed a box of floppy disks...the original large REALLY floppy ones. While she remembered using the small disks, Bailey didn't remember seeing a large one before.
We had a huge box of small disks. Why were we keeping them? We obviously don't have a computer that will even read them these days!

Also on my phone: A photo of the Wienermobile which we spotted at a gas station a couple of weeks ago. Although I've seen it before, I was pretty excited! For some reason, Bailey would not let me go any closer. I'm sure she was afraid I'd end up inside it...or worse yet driving it!
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