10 July 2012

Craft Room/Office Update: SPRAY PAINT!

 In case you've given up on me, don't worry...I'm still working on the craft room/office re-make. We're taking a side-trip into the closet at the moment. Over the weekend, I painted the inside of the closet the same color as the room. We still need to put the shelving back in, so I'll post pictures after that's done.

You know how one thing leads to another in this sort of project? Since we removed the door and installed a curtain, the walk-in closet is now going to be more visible, so (in addition to being organized) I want the storage containers to coordinate with the room. How do we do that?

Before we start spray painting everything around here, I thought we should do a test of the paint on the surfaces in question. First we tried Krylon Fusion paint for plastic on the lid of a Rubbermaid tub. No sanding, no prep...can't beat that!

 It's also nice to have a daughter who seems to like spray painting. :) The paint worked GREAT and covered the lid in one coat. (As a side note, look how dry our grass is. We desperately need rain around here.)

 I also had a couple of these blue bins which she painted lime green. We tested the Rustoleum 2X Ultra Cover paint which also works on plastic. It also worked great. I love how the green bins look!
 I also have several photo boxes in assorted odd patterns. Sure, I could purchase new ones to match but these boxes are nice and heavy and it's certainly cheaper and more environmentally friendly to paint the outsides then to buy new. She started with this plaid box, circa 1997...


 and covered it completely in black Krylon Indoor/Outdoor satin-finish paint. This paint also covered perfectly, and now the box matches my color scheme!
 Next up was this slick-finish box with old-world globes. She used the Krylon Fusion paint on this box to see how it would adhere to the glossy finish.
 Again, perfect results!

We've got a lot of other stuff going on this week so I hope we can get back to the spray painting project soon. We are making progress, slowly but surely. Thanks for hanging with me on this project!


Sarah C. said...

Great idea! I'm spray paint obsessed myself right now. Just recently redid my nightstand using some (need to take pictures). Loving that green color! Can't wait to see your finished room. :)

Heather said...

What a great idea! I have several tubs and photo boxes in various colors. I wouldn't have thought of spray paint for them. I will have to do that one day!

Janet said...

Sarah and Heather -- Thanks for the support and encouragement! I hope to have more pictures to share by the weekend! :)