26 July 2012

Craft Room/Office Progress: More from the Closet

More progress to report from the closet! I made a trip to the hardware store this week and had Plexiglas cut to fit on top of two wire shelves to make them more functional than they've been for the past several years. Both shelves hold binders and other small items, so the Plexiglas will keep them from tipping over. You can see in the photo below that the Plexiglas is very thin -- 1/8", to be exact.

It works GREAT! Unfortunately, it's not cheap -- $24 for two pieces -- but it is worth it to have more functional shelving. I'm not a fan of wire shelving, so this makes me much happier!
  Everything now sits perfectly on the shelf with no tipping!

I've also been making labels for my binders and other storage containers. I'm using text boxes in Word, filled with black and printed on white cardstock.
 Now my green bins (from the Target Dollar Spot) have a real function...and they're labeled! My labels in badge holders, hung with ball chains, make me sort of giddy. They match the badge holder labels I made for my canvas bins awhile back.

Stay tuned for more progress! My new table should arrive next week, so I'll be able to wrap this project up fairly soon!


Heather said...

I love the badge card holders!

Sarah C. said...

Looks great! Not cheap, but so worth it and easier than replacing the wire shelving. I'm loving all the green. The taller 'Office Supplies' boxes in the 2nd photos - are those some of the boxes you spray painted?

Janet said...

Thanks, Heather and Sarah! Yes, those bins started out blue. Got them at Big Lots for $1 each. :)

Janet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kristina said...

Your a gal after my own heart...lol...it's looking great Janice! I love the font you chose for your labels.

Janet said...

Thanks, Kristina! The font is a free download 2Peas Goofball, in all caps.

Janet said...

Thanks, Kristina! The font is a free download 2Peas Goofball, in all caps.