12 July 2012

Craft Room/Office: Closet Update

 I just finished a major task on my craft room/office to-do list: painting the closet. What a pain! Although I wish I'd done it at the time I painted the room, it wouldn't have been any easier then.

Trust me: Unloading the closet was NO FUN at all. I'm sort of amazed at how much stuff was in there, and it's all now occupying the better part of the room. I'm not even going to share a picture with you, as it might be too much for the faint of heart!

Let's just move on to the painting part. The closet has several wire shelves which made this job very tedious. I'm not a fan of wire shelving but it was installed when we bought the house, so a few years ago I had Spouse add more shelves to make the closet more functional. This wall has three very long shelves.

These four shorter shelves were previously hidden behind the door. The door opened IN, so you actually had to go inside the closet and shut the door before you could reach these shelves. We removed the door and installed a curtain so now they're exposed and much more accessible. YAY!

I removed the shelves but did not remove the small brackets so I had to paint around each one. UGH!

Good thing I had supervision.

Yes, Tinsel, it was alarming, wasn't it?

After the first coat, the closet was already starting to look better. (The photo makes it look a strange color, but it's actually the same color as the rest of the room.)

After a second coat, things really improved. This time I bought the really WIDE painter's tape for the ceiling. I'm not a very good painter, so this kept MOST of the paint off the ceiling.

Spouse removed the tape for me (I'm not very good at that, either) and put up the shelves since he knew I'd bang up the newly painted walls. (I'm not very handy, as you might have guessed.) Again, the closet and the room walls truly are the same color, so don't be alarmed by the colors you see in this photo!

As painful as it was, I LOVE the painted closet! 

 Now comes the very difficult part of figuring out what to put back and what to part with or store elsewhere. Stay tuned!

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gwendy said...

Kudos to you! I just spent a WHOLE day cleaning a spare bedroom, did NOT finish but took out two very large boxes of stuff that I threw away! Did I say I did NOT finish. Jeesh! I am trying my hardest to declutter.. so difficult.. this takes time and organization.. both of which I'm short on right now! So please come to PA and HELP! LOL!