06 March 2010

A whole lot of crazy (and not much scrapbooking)

Maybe it's typical of life with a graduating senior in the house, but things around here are suddenly crazy. It's all good and wonderful stuff...there's just a LOT of it happening at once. Between show choir competitions, Mock Trial competition, college music auditions, last minute applications, and the minor detail that oh, she STILL HAS TO ACTUALLY ATTEND SCHOOL, things are really hopping. And we only have one child. It's a good thing, too, because I'd never keep up with the activities, let alone the scrapbooking.


Somewhere in the past couple of weeks of CRAZY, I went from being a Goal-Driven (if somewhat delusional) Scrapbooking Mom to a What's Scrapbooking? Mom. Each day brings a new event (sometimes two!) and each event concludes with the uploading of 74 more pictures, putting me even further behind than I was that morning.

Reality set in this week when Daughter brought home her box of printed graduation invitations from school. Barring any unexpected catastrophes, it would appear that she is actually going to graduate. Which means that I am actually going to have to get quite a bit more scrapbooking done. LIKE SOON.

Back in February (the last time I scrapbooked), I actually accomplished quite a bit. Here's a rare "everyday" kind of page depicting a snowy afternoon back in 2007.
(Click to biggify and read the journaling, so you'll know what the heck was happening in these photos and won't think our kitchen looks like this all the time or that we routinely bury teenagers in the snow.) I do so much "event" scrapbooking that I think it's important to do some everyday kinds of layouts once in awhile.

Because (even though it seems like it right now), life is not just a series of events.

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Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Many a lazy afternoon I've whiled away spitting carrots...

Spitting carrots?!?!?! Okay, wait, no...I've never done that. :-)

And WOW on the graduation invitations!!!! How time does fly when you're spitting carrots...