12 March 2010

Feline Friday: "Feed Me!" Starring Lily

For today's Feline Friday, please enjoy this "digital short" starring Hungry Lily at lunchtime. Be sure to turn up the sound and listen carefully!

Sorry the words go so fast at the end! In case you are wonderi
ng, here's what you missed:

Did you hear me ring the bell? (Lily rings the bag of bells when she's hungry.)
Did you hear me purr?
Thanks for watching!


Fonda said...

She's so smart! She has you trained so well! I love her ears! :)

Kristina said...

Very cute! I slept the day in bed not feeling well and at one point had all four of my kitty boys laying with me. I should have had Connor take a pic

Maureen said...

HA! Well Lily sure knows how to get the message across! Love the purr at the end!