15 March 2010

This one will get me in trouble...

These are photos of my daughter three years ago on the day she got her braces. She has really grown up in the time since these photos were taken, so I'm sure she won't be too pleased that I'm posting them! But hey...it's my blog! :-)

This is a super-easy design that I will be repeating, so prepare to see it again at some point! The nice thing about this particular design is that the journaling is printed directly on an 8.5x11 sheet of white cardstock. The cardstock sheet doubles as a mat for the photos and backing for the title. All in one step...can't beat that.

And sure enough, there's a bit of Ki Memories striped paper (Fruit Stripe, specifically!), but the good thing about this layout is that it allows you to CONSERVE your striped paper.

Whew! Good thing I've got that under control.


Maureen said...

Ha! Well I think she is lovely... but you are right; it IS your blog ;)

My daughter got her braces off this past fall; my how the time flew (well, maybe not for her.)

Cool, crisp layout as usual. I am amazed you are getting so much done. I am bad; my daughter is doing her own scrapbooks! I do cards mostly now (on my art blog at http://www.seaofcreativechaos.com)

Debbie said...

She HAS grown up a lot. Nice layout, now only 999 to go! By the way, love the video of Lily and her bag of bells. She has a loud purr.

Kristina said...

Connor has not been cooperative with the braces pictures....but his teeth are looking great! Look how much Bailey has changed in a short amount of time.