20 March 2010

Got Dance Pictures?

If you have a child in dance, you know how quickly studio pictures accumulate. My daughter participated in dance from age 3 until she was a junior in high school and for most years, we have a set of 5x7 photos for each class...sometimes four sets per year! Holy cow...When I have so much other scrapbooking to do, it sort of boggles the mind!

I needed a quick solution to get these photos scrapbooked in time for graduation.

So I used a simple "formula" concept. I picked a consistent background color, the same title font and embellishments, and a simple strip of color at the bottom of each page. To make things really simple, I cut all like pieces at once and put together the pages assembly line style.

I plan to use this same formula for the remaining years of dance. I don't have a separate dance album so these pages will be incorporated into chronological family albums.

Only 10 more years of dance pictures to go! :-)


Eugenia said...
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Eugenia said...

I love these layouts!! I took dance when I was younger also. :)

Fonda said...

Simple yet elegant. Makes the photos really stand out! You go girl!