29 March 2010

Crazy, continued...

Things continue to be crazy busy around here due to the fact that a certain graduating senior is in da house. In the midst of all the college audition/acceptance/decision issues, our show choir just returned from a trip to a national competition in Nashville. The kids performed on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. What a treat to perform in such a great facility!

Show choirs from several states (as far away as California) competed and our group came in fifth! This was a big thrill since our kids didn’t even expect to make it to the final round of competition. We also won best show band (YAY, band!) and our two female soloists each received outstanding vocalist awards. The level of talent at this competition was really unbelievable. It was an outstanding end to the show choir season.

This photo is courtesy of a friend who was sitting in the balcony. The circular area on the stage floor was taken from the original Grand Ole Opry stage.

This photo of my daughter and her buddy was taken after the awards ceremony.

So show choir is ending, but somehow life goes on! Notably, our Mock Trial team is headed to state competition this week. This is a first for Team Tinselfrog. (Yes, the team is partly named after our cat, Tinsel. More on that some other day...)

Meanwhile, I’m limping along with the scrapbooking. Here’s a recent layout about Iowa State Honor Choir which was held this past February.

My daughter sang in this choir for the second year, and she also had the opportunity to play congas on one song. This was a neat way for her to use both her vocal and percussion skills.


Heather said...

How neat that they could perform at The Grand Ole Opry, and awesome that they did so well! I was wondering where you were going with those words highlighted...it didn't even occur to me that it was spellcheck! LOL

Janet said...

Thanks, Heather! It was a really neat opportunity and a great way for the seniors to end their show choir days.

This highlighting thing is making me crazy! I can't get rid of them! lol