11 November 2009

This layout was inspected by Lily

Very few people know that each layout I complete is carefully inspected by one of our kitties. Tinsel's specialty is cardstock and foam pop dots. Lily's expertise lies in embellishments, especially ribbon.

This layout was rigorously inspected by Lily. She actually gave it a "Paws Down" because it didn't include ribbon or flowers. You can see by her face that she was not impressed! She did give me a little bit of credit for using something other than striped paper!

But even layouts that don't pass inspection are usually good enough for me. I cannot afford to be as picky as Tinsel and Lily. One more down, only a few hundred to go before graduation. :-)


Maureen said...

Ha! Yeah, our cat's have a thing for ribbon too... and not just on layouts or cards.... cute photo!

katie said...

So what was she saying about yesterday's layout by sitting on it? :)

Fonda said...

Love the curls and the circles!