03 November 2009

Lather, rinse, and REPEAT

Favorite sandals. Favorite foods. I don't hesitate to wear them, or eat them, over and over.

Same goes with a favorite sketch. I don't care if I've used it before. If it works, I'll keep using it.

This layout is based on one of my favorite sketches from Cathy Zielske's online class at Big Picture Scrapbooking. It really couldn't be easier, and it works great for two to three horizontal photos (which I often have). I've used this sketch a few times now and don't regret it one bit.

Like favorite sandals, you can't go wrong with a good sketch!


Maureen said...

Hey if it works, don't change it!!!

Your work is always so clean and crisp.

Fonda said...

If you hadn't said you had used the sketch before I would have never known! Are you taking Cathy's class again over at BPS?

Janet said...

Thanks, guys!

Fonda -- I'm not. Are you? Is it the same class we took last fall? I loved every minute of that class! Cathy is such a hoot.