19 November 2009

One of many layouts!

I've been on a roll this month with my scrapbooking and, from what Ye Olde Calendar is telling me, I'd better keep up this pace for the foreseeable future. Graduation is still a few months away, but I have miles to go before then.

Since I'm playing catch up in a big way, I'm working forward (scrapbooking current events), but also backward (working on past events) at the same time. This can be very confusing! Of course, I had to make myself a form to keep track of all the layouts I need to make for a given month. :-) This has kept me organized and focused, and it makes it easy to see where the gaps are. (And they're everywhere!)

Here's a quick one-page layout I finished up in the past few days (sorry for the somewhat distorted photo). This is one of many show choir layouts that I need to make! The only thing difficult about this one was finding a green cardstock to match the kids' t-shirts. Here's a tip: When I find the right patterned paper or cardstock, I purchase a lot of it. I make multiple pages in which the kids are wearing the same costumes or uniforms. Using the same cardstock or paper on those layouts gives them continuity and simplifies the color selection process.


Fonda said...

This looks very cool. I love those colors together! Keep on Rollin!

Sarah C. said...

Great page, Janet! I love the clean, straight lines. :) At 4 months, I'm already making lists to keep up with Dylan's album and working forward & backward too.