07 November 2009

Same event? Same design!

In continuing my "lather, rinse, and repeat" theme from earlier this week, I'm not above replicating my own pages if they work. I've done it a couple of times in the last few days, and I'm not ashamed to admit it!

Here's a good example. Our marching band participates in a parade every June. I recently finished the 2009 parade pages (red/black layout below). (Sorry, I snapped the picture of this page before the journaling was done!)

And when I pulled out the 2008 parade photos last night, sure enough, I had almost the same shots. So why not use the same layout? At this point, I have so much scrapbooking to do before graduation that I'll take the easy route, if possible. :-) These layouts will be in completely separate albums so, believe me, no one around here will notice!

Sure, I had run out of Thickers and some of the chipboard by the time I got to the second layout, but it wasn't worth running around to try to find the perfect embellishments. I used what I had, coerced Daughter into writing down her memories for me, and called it good.


Fonda said...

These look great! Looks like a tried and true design for sure!!

Laura said...

Great layouts! I need to be better about re-using ideas. I'm always trying to "reinvent the wheel" as Ali Edwards says. Hehe! :)

Cheri said...

And why not, indeed! If it ain't broke, don't fix it:) Even if these were side by side in an album, I'd have no problem with it visually!

Maureen said...

Ha! I think it's great they look alike; they match each other!