17 September 2008

Thank you, Toni!

My blogging friend, Toni, surprised me with this award! Thank you, Toni! I always enjoy visiting her blog for the great inspiration and card-making techniques she shares...plus a few animals (both indoor and outdoor!) from time to time!

I'm passing this award on to four more blogging friends. Be sure to visit their blogs!

* Fonda -- A local friend who takes awesome photos and is more creative than just about anyone I know
* Sarah C -- A long-distance blogging friend whose multi-talents amaze me
* Heather -- Another long-distance friend who has been inspiring me with her wonderful Disney and dance layouts
* Lily -- A new blogging friend (who happens to share a name with one of our kitties!) with who makes beautiful scrapbooking and jewelry creations


NancyJones said...

CONGRATS!!! You do have a lovely blog :)

Lily said...

aww thanks!

Lynn said...

Congrats! Of course I'm a little bias... I love your blog also.

Sarah C. said...

Thank you! What a pleasant surprise. You are too sweet, Janet. :)

Heather Bares said...

awwww, thanks so much!!!!

Linda said...

Congrats Janet and so well deserved. I enjoy your blog.