18 September 2008

It's official...

...I have mailed in Lily's entry form for another cat show -- this time a REAL cat show!

And the truth is, I'm filled with a peculiar combination of excitement and dread. In considering this opportunity, I made a list of the pro's and con's (Daughter says I'm the only person she knows who actually makes such lists):

1. Lily is such a pretty kitty! She's in great health and her coat is beautiful!
2. Lily has a pleasing purrr-sonality (at home)! She is so purrr-sonable and loving (at home)!
3. We have a colorful cage cover ready to go!
4. We have a small litter pan and a fan for her cage!
5. We have a rabies certificate all printed and ready to go!
6. We have a pocket first-aid kit!
7. Lily has experience -- she has been in two cat shows at the state fair, receiving 10th (ahem...last) place once! (Click here, if you missed it the first time.)
8. There could be fabulous prizes! ;-)
9. The judges at the last show encouraged Lily to enter! They must think that she has potential (or they're desperate for entries)!
10. We had a coupon for a discounted entry fee!

1. Lily turned into a hissing, biting, nasty lump of gray fur at her previous shows!
2. Lily could not be handled by the judges!
3. Lily lunged at the judges and tried to bite one of them!
4. There is no contest for "Best Decorated Cage" at this cat show!
5. This cat show will be an all-day affair, not just two hours like the other shows she has attended!
6. Since this is a REAL cat show with "professional" cats, Lily could actually get kicked out for bad behavior!
7. Lily is just a tiny bit plump!
8. Daughter will not be attending, so I will be on my own!
9. There will be other cats at this show!

See how there are more pro's than con's? :-) The choice was clear!

So now our Lily is in full training (read: weight loss) mode for the show, coming up on October 5.

Watch for updates and wish her luck!


pam g. said...

I think you should add another Pro - It makes for good blog material?! Go For It Lily!! Good Luck!

Sarah C. said...

Love the lists! Good luck to Lily! :) I'll be cheering loudly from here.

Colleen said...

Good luck and love the lists! I can relate! lol

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Good luck Lily!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been looking to enter Sugar in a show for bipolar cats, so if the big one doesn't turn out maybe you and he can be buddies in a bipolar cat show somewhere...sounds like you two would really get along.

Oh & fwiw - I make those lists too. :-)

Darcey said...

Best of luck Lilly!!

Lily said...

woohooo, looking forward to being inon the ground floor of this one and keeping up withher antics

Chanel said...

Go Lily! Woowoowoo! That's awesome! I'm lovin' the lists...good to know that I'm not the only one! lol.

Linda said...

Great lists and good luck to Lily!

Kristina said...

GO LILY! You can do it!

Cheri said...

Oh my goodness, you are a brave soul, Janet!:) Pam G. has a good point on another pro, lol!!

Maureen said...