10 September 2008

Layout share: No tearing!

Okay, things are back to normal with this layout. No tearing. :-) I'm back in the box. With the lid on, in fact.

As you can see, this is yet another very simple layout. I am sure (if I actually counted) that I have hundreds that need to be completed before Daughter graduates next school year. So simple prevails. (Well, simple would prevail even if I were completely caught up on my scrapbooking. That's my style, and I'm sticking to it!)

I broke into my hoarded Ki stash for this layout, but of course, I only used a little bit. :-) For the title, I used the new double-sided sticky letters from Doodlebug and sprinkled them with glitter. After dumping off the excess, I carefully coated the letters in Glossy Accents, a liquid adhesive that hardens and dries clear so that you can see whatever is under it. This will keep the glitter from rubbing off over time.

I'm working through a box of photos from 2004 right now. Back then (for some strange, misguided reason), I went through a phase in which I printed all of my pictures in 3.5x5 and with white borders. Sure, the white borders are great for some photos, but not for all. And believe me, they're a pain to cut off! These were all taken with a film camera, so I can't (and could not afford to) go back and re-print them in 4x6 borderless, so I'm making do with what I have. Presents some interesting design challenges, to be sure.


Sarah C. said...

Fun layout! I love the colors and glittery letters. Not sure if I could handle a shake on the head or not. Those waitresses must have some really good aim. I would totally dump it on someone's face. LOL :D

Lily said...

I love the white borders on the photos. I loved this layout so much that I scraplifted it (with some tearing, of course). Iposted it and a little note to you on my blog.


Janet said...

Thanks, Sarah and Lily! Sarah, I'm not brave enough for the shake thing either. And I definitely would be a disaster in that job!! lol

Lily - Thx for the kind words and the lift!! :-) Love your LO!

Cheri said...

The white borders were a 2004 craze with the photofinishers, so you were just being fashionable;) Looks great, and what a fun topic for a page!

toners said...

I love the layout! The glitter is fun :)