04 September 2008

Layout share

Here's a very simple layout I finished up over the weekend, based on the PageMaps sketch shown below. As I try to get myself out of my scrapbooking slump, I've found sketches to be a big help.

Especially with band events, I usually have to work with poor quality photos because we do not have a great camera. It's fine for everyday use, but it's impossible to get a good distance or low-light shot. It's not a big deal to me...the story is what's important, anyway.

For this quick layout, I used some hoarded SEI paper (but only little bit of it, so I can still hoard the rest!) and two of my hoarded American Crafts felt flowers.
The sketch cards are from Scrapbook Page Maps by Becky Fleck. The sketch ideas are very usable and practical, and the book comes with a set of punch-out cards and storage box. We're using this book in our monthly book club at the store where I teach. The book has been quite popular in our group. If you're not familiar with PageMaps, Becky also has a website featuring her sketches and lots of great design ideas.


muirwoodsue said...

I love your camping album - just totally cute. Nice touch with the couple of twigs on the cover!
What band is in the corner of your blog -it looks like a marching band?

Janet said...

Sue-Thanks! I love the Mr. Campy line...so fun! :-)
That's our high school marching band at their first home game last week. We're just starting marching band season...one of my favorite times of year!
Thx for stopping by!

Heather said...

Very nice! I really like the paisely paper and felt flowers. TFS!

Lily said...

looks great. Love the pop of orange. I feel your pain on the slump. I use sketches to pull mo out of those also

toners said...

ROFL about the paper hoarding!! Love it!

Linda said...

Great layout. I've stopped taking photos at my dd's concert since they really stink. Yours are so much better.

Kristina said...

Nice layout. I like that SEI paper you used. I must have missed that collection.