15 September 2008

Random Musings on a Monday

Once again, it's time for a few random musings, a collection of unrelated and (mostly) useless thoughts and/or observations that have passed through my head in the last little while.

* I noticed on the NPR website that new federal guidelines have been issued on earwax removal. Better read up before you pull out the Q-Tips tomorrow.

* Fun term of the week: key fob. Who the heck made that up?

* If you make Chicken Parmesan and forget the Parmesan, is that a really bad thing?

* Here's another obscure word: tamp, as in "tamp down the dirt". Who actually uses this word? I have nothing against it, personally, but I never hear it spoken. (Edited to add: I heard "tamp" in a sentence over the weekend, spoken by Senator Obama..."tamp down terrorism".)

* I do NOT like my spaghetti or Ramen noodles broken into tiny pieces before cooking! NO! I want long noodles. I ask so little....

* A praying mantis an interesting creature, except when you find one unexpectedly clinging to the visor of your car, less than a foot in front of your face. Then he (actually, SHE), because a creature that inspires TERROR.

* Speaking of insects, this past week we received a free newsletter from a local company, The Pest Gazette. I think that's kind of catchy.

* I LOVE David Bromstad of HGTV's ColorSplash! He is so talented, and adorable, too! I do not understand why, but Spouse does not feel the David love.

* Another thing I love...FOCUS GROUPS! I attended a community focus group recently and was reminded how much I enjoyed facilitating those kinds of sessions back in my HR/training days. Models, flip charts, "parking lot" ideas, distinctive competencies ....*sigh*....

* Dried cranberries (aka Craisins) come in a bag that looks very much like the Temptations Cat Treats bag. Use caution when preparing cereal with Craisins in the wee hours of the morning. Meow.

* Do not -- I repeat, DO NOT -- teach a smart cat to ring a bag of bells for food. I sounds like a good idea, I know, but you will come to regret it. Trust me on this.

* Cookies and sandwiches on buns are better if you eat all the way around the outside first.

* Waffles are best if you pour syrup in each of the little compartments, not randomly over the top.

* As far as I can tell, Starbucks in Seattle does not employ any topless baristas, contrary to what I overheard recently in the hair salon. If anyone knows otherwise, please report in here.

* If you approach your vehicle in the grocery store parking lot, try to unlock it and the door doesn't readily open, take a step back and make sure it really is yours. Do not repeatedly try to unlock the doors. Do not pull at the handles. If it is not your vehicle, the door will not open. Just back away casually. Or better yet, duck walk away. That way, no one will notice you.


Fonda said...

Oh Janet, you crack me up! I love your random musings. Don't feel bad about the last one, I've done it too, at my work parking lot. Thankfully I traded my old car for my current ride not too long after the dupe showed up, or I'd likely have done it many times by now!!!

Sarah C. said...

I'm sure none of these things actually happened. ;) Personally, I'm a small noodle kind of person. I hate all that time wrapping & wrapping around my fork. Give me rotini any day. And, yes, praying mantis are quite terrifying up close. As for David Bromstad, I think I side w/ your DH. I do like some of his designs, but he creeps me out a bit. Not sure what it is.

Sharon said...

As always, Janet, your random musings are a good way to start a Monday morning. Makes me smile all week as I think about them. I like small noodles, have been at the wrong car many times, have not watched David so have no opinion, and use the word tamp when dirt is involved.

Cheri said...

But walking stick bugs are WAY cool...I purposely let one walk on my arm once while DH took pics and DS looked on, fascinated.

And the car thing...I think that's happened to everybody, right? And those that say it hasn't happened to them...they are either lying or it just hasn't happened YET!;)

Linda said...

I love your random musings. I enjoy my noodles in their original form. And I'm not a big fan of bugs...yuck.

Susan said...

The same can be said of butter in each nook and cranny of waffles!

You gave me a smile this evening! Thank you!

Karen said...

now the craisins situation was HYPOTHETICAL...correct?

toners said...

I love your random musings :) And, you're not the only one who doesn't like their noodles broken up...ask my DH :) He says half the fun is swirling the noodles around his fork! LOL!