14 April 2017

Feline Friday

Believe it or not, our kitties have not had a cat tree until recently. I didn't want one of the huge carpeted trees or one that was too small to be functional, so I just never purchased one for them. But after I saw all the fun that Bailey's kitty was having with her cat tree, I decided to purchase the same one. It's a little more streamlined than some of the other cat trees on the market, and it's not too heavy to move around. I just knew that after all these years of being "deprived", the girls would love it! 

 But guess what? They rarely sit on it at all! I've sprinkled it with catnip, moved it from place to place, and festooned it with soft blankies, but they strangely have no interest in it. This makes no sense at all to me, especially since both of them like being up on high places.

 But the step ladder? They absolutely LOVE the ladder, so I recently had Spouse bring it in so they could play on it. Although it had been awhile, Lily wasted no time in hoisting her ample curves up to the very top platform.

 So then I got the very clever idea of placing the cat tree next to the ladder to create a larger "gymnasium". I thought that maybe they'd climb onto the cat tree whilst playing on the ladder and see how wonderful it really is.

You can see how well that strategy worked! :)

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