20 May 2016

Feline Friday: Visiting Rory

We just returned from a very fun visit to Texas to see our daughter and, of course, Rory! I don't know how it's possible, but Rory got even cuter since I last saw her in March! What a sweet kitty. She's the PURR-fect companion for Bailey!

Rory has a very nice cat tree next to the patio door. She has excellent nature viewing through the glass!

Birds frequently pop over from the tree to sit on the railing or hop on the apartment roof. It's a great set-up for a kitty!

 Bailey sewed Rory a lovely soft pillow for the top of her cat tree so she can view nature in total comfort! :)

Some cats just love to be in high places and Rory is definitely one of them. While we were there, she frequently demonstrated her amazing jumping skills, leaping from the counter to the top of the kitchen cabinets with ease. I watched her gauging her jumps very carefully so that she doesn't hit her head on the ceiling!

 One morning when we arrived to visit, we were greeted by this. :)

 Rory scampering around in her school dress is one of the cutest things I've ever seen! Spouse thinks it's getting a bit too short for her. LOL

 She followed me into the kitchen and sat down to ask for a treat. Of course I gave her one...or three. Who could resist this little face?
 I'm so happy Rory found her fur-ever home with Bailey!

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