17 May 2016

Spray Painting Fun: Pots, Mug Tree & Garden Cart

I've been doing quite a bit of spray painting lately. Watch out: If it's not moving, I might just spray paint it! :) I had a few old pots in the garage that needed freshening up, so I hit them with spray paint. I think they'll look great filled with herbs. We'll see how the paint holds up over the summer!

I also finally got around to spray painting my mom's old mug tree which was already green but had a few nicks. A fresh coat of the same color made it look like new! One of these days I'll get it set up with her white Syracuse china mugs.

My current project is this old grill cart which belonged to Spouse's parents. It had been sitting in their basement unused for many years when my mother-in-law suggested that it could be a nice garden cart for our patio. I found several "grill to garden cart" projects for inspiration on Pinterest and got to work.

I'll repaint the cart itself with black spray paint.

Spouse removed all the slats and sanded them to get rid of the loose paint. This was no small task!

 I decided to repaint the slats in a creamy white. In retrospect, brush painting them would have been much easier than spray painting, but I didn't realize that until I was deep into my first can of spray paint. The wood slats  absorb a lot of paint and because they have to be painted on both sides, it will take several passes to finish them.

I was getting somewhat discouraged until the slats FINALLY started to cover well!

Stay tuned for my progress on this "grill cart turned garden cart". It's going to take awhile but I think it will be worth the effort in the end!

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