15 May 2016

Cruise - Part 2

I'm finally getting around to posting the second part of our cruise adventure! The Texas school where our daughter Bailey teaches band takes their senior band students on a cruise each year, and she asked me to go along as her roommate. Of course, I jumped at the chance to spend time with my girl, even if I risked falling overboard in the process! You can see Part 1 of this adventure HERE.

Although I did just fine on the cruise, it was also good to see plenty of safety equipment around...

...and more than enough life rafts! These rafts fit TONS of people and are fully enclosed, like a capsule. I was happy to see that this was not the Titanic!

As you can see, there were lots of people on this cruise!

But I can assure you that, other than Bailey and a small group of older ladies, very few people were knitting on this cruise. :) Wait until you see what cute thing she was knitting! More on that in a future post!

On a cruise, you can get room service any time, day or night, at no additional charge (except for the tip). Bailey mentioned that she had never had room service in the past so we ordered breakfast for one morning just to try it out. It was pretty nice not having to brave the crowds and lines!

And it was pretty, too. We decided we could get used to room service! :)

On the other mornings, we enjoyed breakfast with a lovely view of the sea!

 On Saturday morning, the ship docked at Cozumel for the day. This is a view of the ship from the shore.

The kids were scheduled to go to a private beach area for the morning through lunchtime.

There were many fun water activities, including para-sailing...

...and plenty of fruity (non-alcoholic) drinks!

There were comfy lounge chairs with plenty of shade.

We ordered lunch FROM OUR LOUNGE CHAIRS! That was a first for me! Except I did not eat, other than my fruity drink. (Why did I not eat? No idea...)

The grounds were absolutely beautiful!

There was also a lovely pool. After lunch, we headed in to town for a brief shopping trip, then it was back to the ship.

The kids loved the nightly karaoke on the cruise ship. I spent quite a bit of time watching karaoke -- often BAD karaoke -- while waiting for the kids to perform. The things we do! :)

One of the most fun events was the Towel Animal Folding class! These towel animals greeted us upon arrival at the workshop.

Lots of people attended, but no one was more excited than Bailey!

I did fine folding my towel animals, but Bailey EXCELLED at it! She obviously missed her calling!

Back in the room, we practiced our new skills. Or rather, Bailey practiced our new skills. :)

She made all the animals we'd learned in class, plus some new ones we had seen.

On our last morning, she made towel animals for the staff who had left them for us each day.

Going home, Bailey drove the bus on the last leg of the trip.

Did I mention that she's an excellent bus driver? Did I also mention that it is sort of an out-of-body experience to ride on a school bus driven by your daughter? :)

Gosh, it was good to get back to the apartment to see this little one! She was very happy to see her meow-my!

Rory loves the "Trouble 1" t-shirt Bailey bought for her in Cozumel. She wears it to bed almost every night!

To celebrate our safe return to dry land, Bailey made a few towel animals.

I loved going on this trip with Bailey, the students, and other directors, It was a super fun opportunity and a great few days hanging out with my girl!

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