27 May 2016

Feline Friday: Furry Helpers

I've had a super busy week preparing for classes. Good thing I've got two furry helpers! :)

Lily sits on my instructions so that they do not blow away. Thank you, Lily!

She also serves as a "screen block" so that my eyes don't get strained from looking at the bright monitor. She's right: It's much more fun to look at a furry kitty than a spreadsheet! :) Thank you, sweetheart!

  At the end of Lily's shift, Tinsel steps in to assist with any Silhouette cutting. This is her specialty! First she makes sure that I have the proper settings selected. Yep, Mom! Goodz to go!

Tinsel also monitors the cutting process to make sure everything works as it should. Thanks, Tinsel!

 And when I step away, Tinsel keeps my chair warm! Thanks, sweet girl! 

 What would I do without my two furry helpers? :)

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