09 May 2016

Seasonal Floral Canvases

I just finished up the last of my four seasons of floral canvas  projects for Memory Bound. In the 14 or 15 years I've taught at the store, this canvas series is one of my favorites!

In addition to these four projects, I've made a Christmas canvas and plan to make more for the other holidays: Easter, Halloween, Valentine's Day, etc.

 I always prefer making seasonal projects because if something doesn't turn out exactly how you envision it, at least you don't have to display it year-round! :) Some of the ladies who've been taking my classes are framing and hanging all four seasons together, which is a fun idea I hadn't even considered.

For each canvas, I've tried to choose flowers that are somewhat true to each season as well as select a color scheme that reflects that particular time of year. Of course, I take a few liberties. You may not find all of these flowers at your local greenhouse! :)

In addition, I'm following the same basic "format" for each 5x7 canvas: A single die cut word at the bottom and a loose bouquet above it. I'm going to stay true to this format so that all the canvases have the same look and feel.

I've had fun making dimensional flowers using various dies and punches...

 ...and coming up with my own designs, such as these geraniums. My mom loved red geraniums and kept them on her porch, so of course I had to include some on my summer canvas.

 I'm looking forward to wrapping up the four seasons with my Summer Floral Canvas class in June then moving on to my next floral canvas project, a spooky bouquet for Halloween! :)

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