06 May 2016

Feline Friday: Outdoor Adventures

The warm weather this week made for a PURR-fect opportunity to take the girls on a walk around the yard. I only have one leash so they have to take turns. Tinsel is always on the move and Lily basically just stands around, so I don't think I could handle them both at the same time anyway!

Here is Lily waiting for her turn on the leash. In case you were wondering about the breadcrumbs, I strategically put them there to draw birds close to the doors so that the girls can experience nature -- indoor house cat style! :)

Tinsel's sole motive in going outside is to chew on tasty grass. She's such a picky eater indoors, but outside she loves to nibble on lots of plants. 

 I didn't know her mouth would open that wide! (Note: I watch her carefully and only allow her to chew on safe plants in my garden.)

This time she actually walked all around the house very nicely on her leash. I'd like to take her down the street but she's very afraid to leave the yard. Once I took her out to get the mail and it nearly scared her to death! So we'll stay in the yard, thanks very much. :)

It's interesting to watch Tinsel outside. She spends a lot of time sniffing grass and bushes where I know neighborhood animals and deer have been. We don't know Tinsel's background but she obviously has spent some time outdoors.

Lily, on the other hand, is very much a house cat. She honestly doesn't know what a tree is, and it has taken a number of years to get her comfortable walking in grass. You can tell that she still doesn't like it very much. After a certain amount of time, she makes a beeline back to the patio. Ahhhhh, cement! :)

This time, she ventured out much farther than usual. Progress! But notice the back foot...

...positioned on a tree root! Lily still doesn't like the feel of grass!

Foot still on the tree root, she sniffed the air. At one point, she even swatted at a butterfly! That is the most nature-y she's ever been!

Then, to my amazement she hovered...and actually sat down for a couple of seconds!

That didn't last long and we were soon back on the patio, where she found two small sprigs of catnip growing up through the brick steps, no doubt from the plant I grew last summer. She nibbled both off all the way to the step and went back inside for a catnip-induced nap.

Having grown up with some cats who spent all their time outdoors and others who were indoor-outdoor models, I experienced the pain of losing a kitty way too many times. So now I'm happy to have only indoor kitties who are always safe and just enjoy an occasional outdoor adventure!

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Kristina said...

Our oldest Kirby accidentally got out last Friday night and was outside for over an hour before he finally decided to come home. I was beside myself because I was the one who accidentally left the front door cracked open.