09 April 2017

Heritage Albums: More Pages Done

I vowed this would be the year I would focus on my scrapbooking and so far, I'm happy to report that I've stuck with it. I have been slowly working away at adding photos to the first of my heritage albums (see my previous post HERE), starting with my paternal grandpa's side of the family for which I have fewer photos. I'm a firm believer in beginning any project with the "low-hanging fruit" -- the easy stuff! 

As you can see, I'm keeping the pages very simple.

I am also adding in some memorabilia -- some original, some copies. Some of the items Grandma saved are probably better suited for her genealogy albums which I also have.

I've started with the larger professional photos and have recently been working on the section with my grandparents. As it turns out, I have a lot of really nice photos of them. After my grandparents sold their farm and moved into town, they spent 17 years working at a local publishing company.
I found some really interesting photos of my grandparents in their workplace, which has to be unusual. I am guessing that since they worked for a publishing company, such photos were more commonplace. I have several photos of Grandpa in his department.

And that's my grandma over at the left of this photo. As you can see, I'm keeping things very, very simple with this album.

 Additional photos of the workplace fit in 8.5x11 sleeves.

I have photos from their 5-year anniversary and from their retirement, too.

All of these mixed size sleeves fit perfectly into the album -- another plus for 3-ring binders! I'm totally OK with mixing up the page sizes.

 Once I finish the larger items, I will turn my attention to this mixed up box of snapshots. This will be far more challenging!
 This heritage project is very important to me and I'm happy to see it start coming together!

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Kimberly Marie said...

That looks great, Janet! I love what you've done, and your simple approach to the pages. The 3 ring binder does seem like a practical solution for an album. Looks like you're definitely making headway with your photo projects! Congratulations!

P.S. Loved your feedback to posts on my blog..... Thanks for stopping by!