24 April 2017

Scrapbooking 15 Years Later!

 Since I recently finished up my 2001 scrapbooks, I've been motivated to continue on. Strike whilst the iron is hot, as they say! So over the past few days I dug into 2002 and so far, it has proven to be much easier and faster to work through. Even though I'd skipped over several events (such as Bailey's 9th birthday!), it was easy to slip those pictures into pocket pages and finish them up quickly.

You probably know from reading my blog that I have a *TINY* tendency (haha!) to save things, which is why I'm sharing this photo below. Fifteen years ago, at the time of Bailey's party, I bought the tie dye paper and die cuts so I could use them on her pages. And believe it or not, I STILL HAD THEM! I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing that I still had scrapbooking stuff which is that old but I decided to go ahead and use them, even though I probably wouldn't have purchased those same items today!

So I made one "traditional" page and put the remaining photos in pockets. 

I had also kept Bailey's original (scribbled!) party plan and added it to the pages. I know I get carried away saving things but when I can use them as intended, then that's a WIN in my book! And check out the picture on the left of me wearing my mom's old dress! Bailey insisted that her parents dress up in 60's attire for the party and I guess this was the best I could come up with!

 These pocket pages don't look like "normal" pocket pages because the photos are all 3x5.5, too small for the 4x6 pockets. As a result, they have to be adhered to 4x6 cards, which is a little bit of a pain but not too bad.

And since I'm in "catch up" mode here, I'm not spending much time on those pocket pages. Just keeping them very simple -- nothing to write home about. At this point, done is much, MUCH better than perfect!

  I incorporated memorabilia, such as this newspaper article,  by placing items in smaller sleeves. I'm just adding these new pocket pages into the album full of pages I had made years ago. So the albums will have a mixture of old and new pages.

Sometimes I used 5.5x8.5 sleeves for tiny scrapbook pages to feature one photo I especially like. This one shows Bailey eating while either doing homework or one of her many workbooks. This is one of those photos that really captures her personality at that age!

I've also found many, many great photos of Tinsel, which is both wonderful and bittersweet, given her current health situation. She came to live with us on Christmas 2001, so these photos were taken shortly after she arrived. Going back in time to work through these pictures is really a great trip down memory lane and reminds me of why it's so important to capture moments like these in scrapbooks.

 So 2002 is going relatively quickly, 15 years later! My little process is working pretty well so I'm going to keep at it and with luck, I'll be in 2003 before you know it! :) Thanks so much to those who have stopped by to offer encouragement. If you're on your own "scrapbooking catch-up" journey, please share your story and process!

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